Recurring Topics

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In addition to the special topics for each issue, AIMS Neuroscience wishes to encourage submissions of articles related to important topics on a recurring basis. The goal is to have a year-by-year discussion of advances in theory and research for each of these areas. We strongly encourage those planning research projects in one of these areas to take advantage of our Registered Reports. As is done with the special topics, we will have an open call for commentaries on pubtdshed articles. The following are the planned recurring topics:

Advances in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Theory
The Function of Sleep
Neural Mechanisms of Attention
Emotion Comprehension and Expression: Advances in Theoretical Formulations
Sensory Processing: Advances in Understanding Structure and Function
Brain Imaging and Electrophysiology: Advances and Limitations
Neuropsychiatric Disorders – Advances in Brain Theories
Advances in Memory Theories
Communication and Language: Theoretical Advances in Explaining Brain Mechanisms
Conscious versus Unconscious Votdtion and Control
Learning processes
working memory
Open Access Journals
Open Access Journals