AimS and Scope

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The stated aim of AIMS Geosciences is to provide a timely venue for high-quality study of the Earth and other planets in a general or interdisciplinary approach, with special attention to research that incorporates original theories, comprehensive research and the latest achievements in the geosciences. The journal seeks to bridge disciplinary gaps by providing a single outlet where geoscientists and others can go to see topical, cutting-edge research results across the breadth of the field. The journal publishes full-length research papers, letters, opinion articles, and reviews.

AIMS Geosciences encourages original, high quality research contributions on the dynamics and history of the solid earth, the atmosphere, the land surface, the cryosphere and the oceans, with extrapolations to planetary/exoplanetary sciences. In addition, submission of research on geosciences questions that cut across these traditional divisions, such as hydrology, biogeochemical cycling, physical geography and the climate system are also encouraged. Recognizing that comparative analysis between the earth and other solar system bodies is a key element in our current understanding of the earth system, we encourage contributions on these topics as well. The content of AIMS Geosciences will extend to more integrative studies from fields where the human dynamics of the earth system is considered. Methodological articles of relevance to the geosciences community (remote sensing, field campaigns and modeling) are also encouraged.

By offering our journal on-line and with open access, we encourage contributions from, and provide and outlet for, as internationally diverse a readership as possible. We especially encourage students and early career scientists to submit their research to our journal and aim to provide the widest exposure possible for a diverse range of topics. AIMS Geosciences will frequently feature issues devoted to special topics, which will be announced well in advance to allow for contributions to be submitted. As the journal develops, we aim to explore new ideas and less widely used methods in scientific publication, particularly those made possible by the on-line format of the journal.

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