AIMS Energy, 2013, 1(1): 17-27. doi: 10.3934/energy.2013.1.17.

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Synthesis gas production from various biomass feedstocks

Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Alicante, P.O. Box 99, 03080 Alicante, Spain

The decomposition of five different biomass samples was studied in a horizontal laboratory reactor. The samples consisted of esparto grass, straw, Posidonea Oceanic seaweed, waste from urban and agricultural pruning and waste from forest pruning. Both pyrolysis in inert atmosphere and combustion in the presence of oxygen were studied. Different heating rates were used by varying the input speed. Major gas compounds were analyzed. The experimental results show that the amount of CO formed is lower in less dense species. It is also found that there is an increase of hydrocarbons formed at increasing feeding rates, in particular methane, while there is a decrease in the production of hydrogen.
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Keywords biomass; gasification; syngas; thermochemical biofuels; seaweed

Citation: Juan A. Conesa, A. Domene. Synthesis gas production from various biomass feedstocks. AIMS Energy, 2013, 1(1): 17-27. doi: 10.3934/energy.2013.1.17


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