AIMS Geosciences, 2017, 3(3): 438-449. doi: 10.3934/ms.2017.3.438.

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Using Dynamic Fourier Analysis to Discriminate Between Seismic Signals from Natural Earthquakes and Mining Explosions

1 Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas, 79968-0514, USA
2 Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas, 79968-0514, USA
3 Computational Science Program, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas, 79968-0514, USA

A sequence of intraplate earthquakes occurred in Arizona at the same location where miningexplosions were carried out in previous years. The explosions and some of the earthquakes generatedvery similar seismic signals. In this study Dynamic Fourier Analysis is used for discriminating signalsoriginating from natural earthquakes and mining explosions. Frequency analysis of seismogramsrecorded at regional distances shows that compared with the mining explosions the earthquake signalshave larger amplitudes in the frequency interval ~ 6 to 8 Hz and significantly smaller amplitudes inthe frequency interval ~ 2 to 4 Hz. This type of analysis permits identifying characteristics in theseismograms frequency yielding to detect potentially risky seismic events.
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Keywords Dynamic Fourier Analysis; Fast Fourier Transform; intraplate earthquakes; miningexplosions; Arizona earthquakes

Citation: Maria C. Mariani, Hector Gonzalez-Huizar, Md Al Masum Bhuiyan, Osei K. Tweneboah. Using Dynamic Fourier Analysis to Discriminate Between Seismic Signals from Natural Earthquakes and Mining Explosions. AIMS Geosciences, 2017, 3(3): 438-449. doi: 10.3934/ms.2017.3.438


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