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An experimental and analytical study of the effect of cold compression on the thermophysical properties of a granular medium

1 Laboratory of Materials Physics, Amar Telidji University. Laghouat, Algeria
2 Laboratory of Saharan natural resources, Department of hydrocarbons and renewable energies, Faculty of Science and Technology, Ahmed Draya University. 01000 Adrar, Algeria
3 Department of Chemical Engineering and CERSIM, University of Laval, Quebec City, Canada
4 Department of Energetic and Fluid Mechanics, Faculty of Physics, University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB), 16111, Algiers, Algeria

Based on the previous literature, very few models have described the thermal behavior of granular media or powders as a function of the mechanical stresses to which they are subjected. In recent years, many researchers have been interested in establishing laws that can express the relationship between the apparent thermal conductivity and the mechanical behavior of granular media. The present paper seeks to present a simple model that describes the variation of the apparent thermal conductivity of a granular medium as a function of the mechanical stress. One of the main objectives of this paper is to produce a tool for calculating the thermal conductivity of heterogeneous media, especially that of granular media. For the resolution of the problem, it was decided to use an experimental method recently developed in the laboratory and which is due to be the basis of our calculations. This method is called the hot rod method. It was initially developed to evaluate the damage to a soil subject to superficial heat shock (fires, burns). The results show that for short times and a distance between two measurement points large enough, the 2D transfer can be reduced to a 1D transfer which for long times is hybridized to a hot wire transfer. The modeling of thermal transfers within the environment makes it possible to know the temperature field of soil under the effect of a thermal accident.
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