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Analysis of the mechanisms of deformation of topocomposites by modeling of the indentation load-displacement curves

Department of Tribology, A.A. Blagonravov Institute of Machine Science Russian Academy of Sciences, Mal. Kharitonevsky per. 4, Moscow 101990, Russian Federation

The use of materials with a surface layered structure (solid bodies with a thin coating, so-called topocomposites) in friction units makes it possible to extend significantly the possibilities of tribologists in developing materials with a required set of tribological characteristics. The main mechanical characteristics of the materials of friction pairs are presented by the elastic modulus and hardness (microhardness). For topocomposites, these characteristics depending on the thickness of the coating are variable. They vary more significantly, the greater the difference between the mechanical characteristics of the components (coating, substrate) composing the layered material. Modern procedures of the standard experimental determination of the hardness of a surface covered with a protective coating involve depth-sensing indentation. In this study, a theoretical description of the indentation load-displacement curves for materials with a surface coating or a hardened surface layer has been obtained. The analysis of the deformation process taking into account the topocomposite structure of the surface is carried out. The phenomenon of additional plastic deformation of the base material of the topocomposite is established.
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