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Characterisation of Ga1-xInxSb quantum wells (x~0.3) grown on GaAs using AlGaSb interface misfit buffer

Physics Department, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YB, UK

Special Issues: Optical spectroscopic characterization of inorganic, organic and hybrid materials

GaInSb multiple quantum wells (MQW) grown on GaAs using an AlGaSb interface misfit (IMF) metamorphic buffer layer technique exhibit superior infrared photoluminescence (PL) at room temperature compared with MQW grown directly on GaSb. PL emission was obtained in the range from 1.7 μm (4 K) to 1.9 μm (300 K) from Ga1-xInxSb samples containing five compressively strained QW with In content x~0.3. Structural and optical characterisation confirms that the AlGaSb IMF growth technique is promising for the development of photonic devices operating at extended wavelengths based on GaAs substrates.
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Keywords photoluminescence; IMF; Interfacial Misfit Array; GaSb; AlGaSb; InGaSb; Quantum Well; MQW

Citation: Jonathan P. Hayton, Andrew R.J. Marshall, Michael D. Thompson, Anthony Krier. Characterisation of Ga1-xInxSb quantum wells (x~0.3) grown on GaAs using AlGaSb interface misfit buffer. AIMS Materials Science, 2015, 2(2): 86-96. doi: 10.3934/matersci.2015.2.86


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