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Multi-Scale Computation-Based Design of Nano-Segregated Polyurea for Maximum Shockwave-Mitigation Performance

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University, Clemson SC 29634, USA

Special Issues: Materials by Design

A multi-length-scale computational analysis is used to carry out the design of polyurea for maximum shockwave-mitigation performance. The computational analysis involves a combined all-atom/coarse-grained molecular-level investigation of shockwave-propagation within polyurea and a finite-element analysis of direct quantification of the shockwave-mitigation capacity of this material as a function of its chemistry (or, more specifically, of its soft-segment molecular weight). The results obtained suggest that the approach employed can correctly identify the optimal chemistry of polyurea and, thus, be of great benefit in the efforts to develop new highly-efficient blastwave-protective materials, in a cost-effective manner.
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Keywords Polyurea; Materials by design; Shockwave mitigation

Citation: Mica Grujicic, S. Ramaswami, J. S. Snipes, R. Yavari. Multi-Scale Computation-Based Design of Nano-Segregated Polyurea for Maximum Shockwave-Mitigation Performance. AIMS Materials Science, 2014, 1(1): 15-27. doi: 10.3934/matersci.2014.1.15


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