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Extrusion of Fe2O3/SBA-15 mesoporous material for application as heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst

Department of Chemical and Energy Technology, Chemical and Environmental Technology, Mechanical Technology and Analytical Chemistry. ESCET. Rey Juan Carlos University, 28933 Móstoles, Madrid, Spain

Special Issues: Leading Edge Technologies in Wastewater Treatment

The aim of this work has been the extrusion of powder Fe2O3/SBA-15 catalyst in order to be successfully used in continuous catalytic fixed bed reactors as Fenton-like catalyst. The extrusion method was optimised using an amorphous silica material of similar properties than the Fe2O3/SBA-15 catalyst. The main studied variable was the composition of the extrusion paste using bentonite and methylcellulose as inorganic and organic binders, respectively. The organic content displayed a significant influence on the mechanical strength and specific surface area of the final extrudates. In contrast, the inorganic binder content hardly affected the final properties (in the studied range). The extruded Fe2O3/SBA-15 material showed a remarkable mechanical strength as well as the typical mesoporous structure of Fe2O3/SBA-15 with a relevant specific surface area (264 m2/g). The extruded catalyst achieved a high catalytic performance in the catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of phenol with a 60 % of total organic carbon reduction in both batch and continuous processes.
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