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Energy storage for electrical systems in the USA

1 Independent Consultant, Berthoud, CO, USA
2 University of Trento, Italy
3 University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA

Topical Section: Wind Energy

Energy storage is becoming increasingly important as renewable generation sources such as Wind Turbine and Photo Voltaic Solar are added to the mix in electrical power generation and distribution systems. The paper discusses the basic drivers for energy storage and provides brief descriptions of the various energy storage technologies available. The information summarizes current technical tradeoffs with different storage approaches and identifies issues surrounding deployment of large scale energy storage systems.
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Keywords electrical grid; energy storage; renewable energy; batteries; pumped hydro-electric energy storage; compressed air energy storage

Citation: Eugene Freeman, Davide Occello, Frank Barnes. Energy storage for electrical systems in the USA. AIMS Energy, 2016, 4(6): 856-875. doi: 10.3934/energy.2016.6.856


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