AIMS Energy, 2015, 3(4): 869-883. doi: 10.3934/energy.2015.4.869

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Research on upgrading of pyrolysis oil from Japanese cedar by blending with biodiesel

1 Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, 222-0033, Japan;
2 Process Engineering Division, Toyo Engineering Corporation, Akanehama, 275-0024, Japan

Bio-oil produced by the pyrolysis of biomass is a kind of alternative energy, but high viscosity and high water content make it difficult to be used in internal combustion engines. To overcome these problems, a method of blending bio-oil with biodiesel was investigated. In this study, the characteristics of the cedar bio-oil blended with biodiesel and their possible usage as a fuel were evaluated. The bio-oil was derived from Japanese cedar. The suitable mixing ratio and the optimum mixing condition were discussed. The investigation included the analysis of the elemental composition, the heating value, the density, the viscosity, the cetane index and the water content. The results proved that the mixed fuels without any additive show much improved properties on the viscosity, the water content and the oxygen content compared to the initial bio-oil. The GC-MS was used to reveal the main components and the mixing mechanism of the mixture.
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