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Comparative analysis of printed electronic circuits applying different printing technologies in the endurance test

Faculty of Engineering, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, 72458, Albstadt, Germany

The aim of the study is the question, whether printed electronics circuitry from low-cost printers can be improved in quality by certain ink combinations or after-treatments in order to achieve acceptable results in comparison with circuitry from higher-quality printers. For this purpose, the six samples circuitries from different printers (professional and semi-professional) and different ink combinations (PEDOT: PSS, Silver and Carbon) were subjected to an endurance test of 5 million switching cycles under varying climatic conditions. For this purpose test number of N = 5 experimental evaluations were carried out for each samples (in total of 30 experimental evaluations were done). The results show that, respectable results could be achieved with corresponding ink and post-treatment combinations. This opens up new possibilities for future developments in the field of printers, inks and post-treatments under the aspect of “low-cost”.
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Keywords low-cost printers; conductive ink; switch; electronic circuits; printed electronics

Citation: Lutz Sommer. Comparative analysis of printed electronic circuits applying different printing technologies in the endurance test. AIMS Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 2018, 2(1): 12-26. doi: 10.3934/ElectrEng.2018.1.12


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