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3D modeling of acoustofluidics in a liquid-filled cavity including streaming, viscous boundary layers, surrounding solids, and a piezoelectric transducer

Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark, DTU Physics Building 309, DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Topical Section: Mathematical Analysis in Fluid Dynamics

We present a full 3D numerical simulation of the acoustic streaming observed in full-image micro-particle velocimetry by Hagsäter et al., Lab Chip 7, 1336 (2007) in a 2 mm by 2 mm by 0.2 mm microcavity embedded in a 49 mm by 15 mm by 2 mm chip excited by 2-MHz ultrasound. The model takes into account the piezo-electric transducer, the silicon base with the water-filled cavity, the viscous boundary layers in the water, and the Pyrex lid. The model predicts well the experimental results.
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Keywords microscale acoustofluidics; acoustic streaming; numerical simulation; 3D modeling

Citation: Nils R. Skov, Jacob S. Bach, Bjørn G. Winckelmann, Henrik Bruus. 3D modeling of acoustofluidics in a liquid-filled cavity including streaming, viscous boundary layers, surrounding solids, and a piezoelectric transducer. AIMS Mathematics, 2019, 4(1): 99-111. doi: 10.3934/Math.2019.1.99


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