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M-polynomials and topological indices of linear chains of benzene, napthalene and anthracene

Cheng-Peng Li Cheng Zhonglin Mobeen Munir Kalsoom Yasmin Jia-bao Liu

*Corresponding author: Mobeen Munir mmunri@ue.edu.pk


The universality of M-polynomial paves way towards establishing closed forms of many leading degree-based topological indices as it is done by Hosoya polynomial for distance-based indices. The study of topological indices is recently one of the most active research areas in chemical graph theory. The aim of this paper is to establish closed formulas for M-polynomials of Linear chains of benzene, napthalene, and anthracene graphs. From this polynomial we also compute as many as nine degree-based topological indices for these three chains. Our results will potentially play an important role in pharmacy, drug design, and many other applied areas of molecular sciences.

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