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Mathematical analysis for an age-structured SIRS epidemic model

Kento Okuwa Hisashi Inaba Toshikazu Kuniya

*Corresponding author: Hisashi Inaba inaba@ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp


In this paper, we investigate an SIRS epidemic model with chronological age structure in a demographic steady state. Although the age-structured SIRS model is a simple extension of the well-known age-structured SIR epidemic model, we have to develop new technique to deal with problems due to the reversion of susceptibility for recovered individuals. First we give a standard proof for the well-posedness of the normalized age-structured SIRS model. Next we examine existence of endemic steady states by fixed point arguments and bifurcation method, where we introduce the next generation operator and the basic reproduction number R0 to formulate endemic threshold results. Thirdly we investigate stability of steady states by the bifurcation calculation and the comparison method, and we show existence of a compact attractor and discuss the global behavior based on the population persistence theory. Finally we give some numerical examples and discuss the effect of mass-vaccination on R0 and the critical coverage of immunization based on the reinfection threshold.

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