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Gastric cancer patient with c-MET amplification treated with crizotinib after failed multi-line treatment: A case report and literature review

Guoxin Hou Binbin Song

*Corresponding author: Binbin Song ab_wy2005@163.com


Gastric cancer is one of the most common gastrointestinal tumors. Most patients have been in advanced stage at diagnosis and lack effective treatment. Molecular targeted drugs have become new therapeutic strategies. MET is an important driving gene for the development of gastric cancer. MET gene amplification and protein over-expression are closely related to the invasion and metastasis, late stage and poor prognosis of gastric cancer. Crizotinib is a small molecule inhibitor against MET. There are few reports of crizotinib in gastric cancer patients with c-MET amplification. This article reports a case of c-MET gene amplification in advanced gastric cancer with liver metastases. After 2 months of treatment with crizotinib, liver lesions were completely relieved and progression-free survival lasted for up to 20 months.

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