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Letter to the editors

Jian Zu Wendi Wang Bo Zu

*Corresponding author:  


Our paper Evolutionary dynamics of prey-predator systems with Holling type II functional response, recently published in MBE (pp. 221-237, vol. 4, 2007), heavily draws on earlier work by Michael Doebeli and Ulf Dieckmann:
    Doebeli, M & Dieckmann, U. (2000). Evolutionary branching and sympatric speciation caused by different types of ecological interactions. American Naturalist 156: S77-S101, cited as reference [11] in our paper.
    Dieckmann, U., Marrow, P. & Law, R. (1995). Evolutionary cycling in predator-prey interactions: population dynamics and the Red Queen. Journal of Theoretical Biology 176: 91-102, cited as reference [8] in our paper.

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