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Azmy S. Ackleh Linda J. S. Allen Graciela Canziani Shandelle M. Henson Jia Li Zhien Ma

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Thomas Guy Hallam began his career as a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics at Florida State University, working in the area of comparison theorems for ordinary differential equations. While at Florida State he organized a mathematical modeling course and thus became interested in mathematical biology. He began to wonder how he, as a mathematician, might address the mounting environmental problems. He took courses in oceanography and ecology and delved deeply into the literature. During the summer of 1974, he gave a full series of lectures on mathematical biology at the University of São Carlos in São Paulo, Brazil. In 1976, he took a year's leave at the University of Georgia, Athens, in the Departments of Mathematics, Zoology, and the Institute of Ecology, where he met Tom Gard and Ray Lassiter, with whom he has had career-long interactions. In Athens, he became interested in ecotoxicology and partial differential equation models of physiologically structured populations.

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