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Closed-loop control of tumor growth by means of anti-angiogenic administration

Filippo Cacace Valerio Cusimano Alfredo Germani Pasquale Palumbo Federico Papa

*Corresponding author: Valerio Cusimano valerio.cusimano@iasi.cnr.it


A tumor growth model accounting for angiogenic stimulation and inhibition is here considered, and a closed-loop control law is presented with the aim of tumor volume reduction by means of anti-angiogenic administration. To this end the output-feedback linearization theory is exploited, with the feedback designed on the basis of a state observer for nonlinear systems. Measurements are supposed to be acquired at discrete sampling times, and a novel theoretical development in the area of time-delay systems is applied in order to derive a continuous-time observer in spite of the presence of sampled measurements. The overall control scheme allows to set independently the control and the observer parameters thanks to the structural properties of the tumor growth model. Simulations are carried out in order to mimic a real experimental framework on mice. These results seem extremely promising: they provide very good performances according to the measurements sampling interval suggested by the experimental literature, and show a noticeable level of robustness against the observer initial estimate, as well as against the uncertainties affecting the model parameters.

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