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Frequency spectra of vibration transmissibility for magnetic elastomers with various plasticizer contents

Yasuhiro Umehara Hiroyuki Endo Mayuko Watanabe Takehito Kikuchi Mika Kawai Tetsu Mitsumata

*Corresponding author: Tetsu Mitsumata tetsu@eng.niigata-u.ac.jp


The effect of plasticizer content on the vibration absorbing properties for polyurethane elastomers was investigated. A natural frequency appeared on the frequency spectra at around 100 Hz. The natural frequency linearly decreased, and the transmissibility also decreased with the plasticizer content. Magnetic elastomers containing carbonyl iron particles with a dimeter of 7.0 mm also showed a natural frequency at ~260 Hz, and the natural frequency significantly decreased with the plasticizer content. The decrease in the transmissibility with the plasticizer content was larger than that for polyurethane elastomers. The natural frequency for magnetic elastomers increased by several ten Hz by a magnetic field of 60 mT although the transmissibility was independently of the plasticizer content. The effect of load on the natural frequency for these elastomers was also investigated, and it was found that the natural frequency is proportional to the storage modulus, G, with different two slopes depending on the mass of the system, m. The linear relation between the natural frequency and (G’/m)1/2 revealed that the observed vibration can be basically described by a simple harmonic oscillation.

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