Characterization and Engineering Properties of Natural Soils used for geotesting

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Guest editor :
Prof. Jean-Sebastien L'heureux

Tom Lunne

Benchmarking is of significant importance in geological and geotechnical engineering, both for testing and verifying innovative soil investigation methods and foundation solutions. The Special Issue aims to present detailed characterization of a wide range of natural soils used for benchmarking in geological and geotechnical engineering. It also seeks to promote an increase use of the benchmark sites as a research tool, as training and teaching facilities and as ground for development of new soil models, testing of new investigation methods and further advance the state-of-the-art in the fields of geological and geotechnical engineering.

All papers published at the symposium the following structure :

• Site geology and location, distribution, local and global importance
• Engineering geology, including source of material, depositional environment, post-depositional processes and stress history
• Composition, mineralogy and fabric
• State and index properties
• Engineering properties (strength, stiffness, hydraulic conductivity, etc.)
• Comments on quality/reliability of data, with reference to methods of sampling, laboratory testing and standard in situ testing methods.
• Engineering problems including a summary of typical problems and hazards and with references to case histories

We are also seeking for papers dealing with :

i) Examples of large-scale testing at a given benchmark site,
ii) Testing and verification of in situ tools for soil characterization at benchmark test sites,
iii) Use of soil parameter database for modelling and/or correlation purposes.

The symposium is supported by the European Large Institute Platform (ELGIP) and the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (TC102).

Paper Submission :

Aug. 30th, 2018: Abstract (max 300 words), intended full manuscript contribution (
February 20th, 2019: Selected manuscript submission due date
March 1st, 2019: End of peer-reviewed process due date
April 1st, 2019: Review manuscript submission

Full paper should be submitted online to the Journal at :
Before submission, authors are encouraged to carefully read over the Instructions for Authors, located at :

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