Hierarchically structured Polymeric Materials for Advanced Applications

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Guest Editor
Prof. Mukundan Thelakkat
Applied Functional Polymers, MC I University of Bayreuth Universitätstr.30 95440 BAYREUTH, GERMANY
Email: mukundan.thelakkat@uni-bayreuth.de

Manuscript Topics
The field of soft matter science is entering into many classical fields of solid state materials, which were dominating applications such as transistors, LEDs, solar cells, batteries etc. Especially, the hierarchical structuring of the polymers and their hybrids allows the control of specific properties over a broad length scale from nano to meso to macro dimensions. Since this control can be realized in polymers by a bottom-up approach via self-assembly, processing methods such as large-area coating and printing become feasible. Moreover, the incorporation of contradictory properties such as hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, ionic or electronic conduction as well as softness or hardness can be coupled with some of the advantageous properties of inorganic materials in hybrids and nanocomposites. This special issue deals with some of these examples of hierarchical structural formation and control in polymers and hybrids towards advanced applications.

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Giovanna Di Pasquale, Salvatore Graziani, Chiara Gugliuzzo, Antonino Pollicino
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Gaurav Gupta, Varun Danke, Tamoor Babur, Mario Beiner
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Silvia Colodrero
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Uichi Akiba, Jun-ichi Anzai
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