Sports-Based Health Interventions

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Topic Editors:
Professor Murray Drummond
Associate Prof Claire Drummond
Dr Sam Elliott

Affiliation: Sport, Health and Physical Education (SHAPE) Research Centre, Flinders University, Bedford Park, Adelaide, 5000, Australia.

In a recent interview with Australian gold medal rower from the Rio Olympics, Kim Brennan espoused the benefits of elite sport as having ‘nation building’ capacities. She claimed that her sport of rowing promoted both healthy lifestyles through sports-based health programs as well as working with communities in Zambia to fund clean water conservation projects to create sustainable drought solutions. Sport has the potential to be much more than the obvious competitive elements that has underpinned its historical and contemporary existence. Globally, nationally and locally there is evidence of sport-based health initiatives that play a role in promoting health at the community and individual level. This special edition of AIMS Public Health will present sport-based health interventions that not only provide individual physical benefits but also work in community health and wellbeing. We are particularly interested in receiving evidence-based papers from around the globe to highlight the ways in which a variety of sports can be used to promote health in diverse settings. All methods will be considered, including qualitative, quantitative, mixed method and systematic review approaches. Papers can be empirical or theoretical but must highlight how the paper advances knowledge in this field. Authors are encouraged to submit an abstract for initial review. The guest editors will then encourage a full submission, if appropriate.

Paper Submission:
Abstract submission due date: 1st October 2016.
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Full text submission due date: 1st February, 2017.
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Andrew Brinkley, Hilary McDermot, Fehmidah Munir
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Johan M. Wikman, Anne Nistrup, Jacob Vorup, Mogens T. Pedersen, Pia S. Melchor, Jens Bangsbo, Gertrud Pfister
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Davies Banda
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Rosalie Allison, Emma L. Bird, Stuart McClean
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(368 KB)
Naomi Burn, Lynda Heather Norton, Claire Drummond, Kevin Ian Norton
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Amy M. Gayman, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, Jamie E. L. Spinney, Rachael C. Stone, Joseph Baker
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Andrew Brinkley, Josie Freeman, Hilary McDermott, Fehmidah Munir
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