Men's Health in Primary Care

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Guest Editors
Prof. Mike Malone

Prof. Keon Gilbert

Prof. Keith Elder (Chief Editor of AIMS Public Health)

Manuscript Topics
Men’s health in primary care encompasses a wide range of medical conditions that primarily affect male patients through a man’s lifespan and across healthcare settings. Compared to women, men are more likely to smoke and drink alcohol, make unhealthy lifestyle choices, and put off regular medical care appointments. These health care seeking behaviors and health behaviors are shaped by a myriad of social determinants embedded across many socio-cultural environments within the U.S. In order to understand these issues, this special issue will focus on the social determinants that influence men’s heath access and use of health care across with a special emphasis on acute and chronic conditions and populations such as minority men’s health.

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The deadline for manuscript submission is 30th December, 2018.

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Andrea Lynn Murphy, David Martin Gardner
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