Therapy of Social Medicine

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Topic editor
Dr Byong-Hyon Han
BGS Group, Seoul, Korea

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On the eve of era for “healthy 100 years old,” we should be health prosumers. We want health, not drug. Health helps those who help themselves. Our new hope, “Social Medicine” was newly defined as everything that helps our health except drug products, which is figured as the remaining margin with the core part of drug in the book, Therapy of Social Medicine(Springer, 2016) written by Byong-Hyon Han. Social medicine consists of two key elements that originated from natural healing power (NHP) of Oriental Medicine: homeostasis (natural healing strength, NHS) and reciprocity (social healing strength, SHS). As such, social medicine is woven by two strands of double healings rather than by two strands of double helix.

Also, therapy of social medicine is defined as every event or activity including health behavior and illness behavior for health management and improvement or methodology derived from the theory of social medicine. In a word, social medicine can be specialized into various social medicine therapies (i.e., aromatherapy, diet therapy, exercise therapy, music therapy, spiritual therapy, and etc.) just as stem cell does.

The rise of social medicine and therapy of social medicine creates an opportunity to tackle the challenges presented by the rapidly aging population at a grassroots level all over the world, with long-term health and healing initiatives rather than short-term solutions.

We invite scientists and researchers to contribute full text research articles, contemporary reviews or viewpoints regarding important advancements in social medicine and therapy of social medicine.

Topics include (but are not limited to)

• book review (Therapy of Social Medicine)

• each therapy of social medicine with clinical data including diet, exercise, light, stone, water(spa), fragrance, herb, prayer, reading, gum-chewing, music, fine art, pet, and etc.

• pharmaco-gelotology including laughter therapy

• politics that support social medicine therapy in central and/or local government level

Paper Submission:

Full text submission due date: 30th August 2016.
Full paper should be submitted online to the journal at:
Before submission, authors should carefully read over the instruction for authors which are located at:

Douglas Wilson, Griffiths Keith, Buttar Harpal, Singh Ram, De Meester Fabien, Wilczynska Agnieszka, Takahashi Toru
AIMS Medical Science, 2017, 4(2): 131-150. doi: 10.3934/medsci.2017.2.131
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