Microalgae Bioenerg

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Guest Editor
Dr. Giuseppe Torzillo
CNR – Istituto per lo Studio degli Ecosistemi, Sede di Firenze, Via Madonna del Piano, 10, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy
Email: torzillo@ise.cnr.it

Manuscript Topics
In the recent years, outstanding progress has been made in microalgal biotechnology, mainly pushed by the potential of using algal biomass as a source of renewable energy. Indeed, fluctuating costs of oil, its limited supply reserve and the exacerbation of climate changes associated with the exploitation of fossil energy sources represent a challenge that should at least in part be addressed by the development of new systems for obtaining energy from clean sources. Among them, the use of microalgae as a source of biodiesel, biohydrogen and biogas is the most important.

Microalgae arguably represent the best candidates for biological energy production, since: 1) they can produce hydrogen both through a direct photolysis, or an indirect photolysis process; 2) they can, under certain culture conditions, accumulate lipids suitable to be converted in biodiesel; 3) selected strains can accumulate large amounts of carbohydrates that can be fermented to produce biogas, hydrogen, and ethanol. Microalgal cultures also offer several advantages in comparison with conventional crops since: 1) they can be cultivated on areas of land that are unsuitable for conventional agriculture; 2) they can use flue gas as a source of CO2; 3) they can use wastewater as a source of nutrients; 4) since the growth process could be optimized and the production extended all year round, the yield in biomass has the potential to be one order of magnitude greater compared to conventional crops. However, although the use of microalgae biomass seems promising, further researches are needed for their economic exploitation as bioenergy feedstocks.

This special issue calls for papers on advances in production of bioenergy covering topics of biological, biotechnological, and techno-economic aspects of bioenergy from microalgae.

Paper submission
 All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 20 June 2016

Instructions for authors

Maria del Pilar Rodriguez, Ryszard Brzezinski, Nathalie Faucheux, Michèle Heitz
AIMS Energy, 2016, 4(6): 817-855. doi: 10.3934/energy.2016.6.817
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