Magnesium in pregnancy

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Guest Editor
Ragnar Rylander
Director BioFact Environmental Health Research Center

Manuscript Topics
Health problems during pregnancy affect the mother as well as the child and are thus of great public health concern, particularly in developing countries. There is increasing evidence that alterations in the normal magnesium homeostasis is a risk factor for pregnancy related health problems, particularly those affecting the circulatory system. As a deficiency in magnesium is usually caused by an inadequate intake through food and drinking water, the possibility for prevention is large. This special issue will provide a review of the available information concerning the importance of magnesium during pregnancy and where it plays a role for pregnancy complications. Based on this information recommendations for prevention will be suggested.

Please see the experts who will contribute to this special issue as bellow:
Magnesium homeostasis                                           Professor Jürgen Vormann
Magnesium transporter genes                                  Ass prof Martin Kolisek
Magnesium in pregnancy                                           Professor Klaus Kisters
Prevention with magnesium supplementation      Professor Ragnar Rylander

Paper submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 30th October 2015.

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Jürgen Vormann
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Ragnar Rylander
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Junji Takaya
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Hanne Trap Wolf, Hanne Kristine Hegaard, Anja Bisgaard Pinborg, Lene Drasbek Huusom
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