HIV/AIDS: epidemiology, immunology and control

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Guest Editors
Prof. Fabio Augusto Milner
Arizona State University, Tempe, USA

Prof. Andrea Pugliese
University of Trento, Trento, Italy

Manuscript Topics
Mathematical models have been very copious in trying to understand the intricacies of HIV infection and control and have focused on the three essential aspects of understanding and treating an endemic disease in a population: epidemiology, immunology and control. Many models have been proposed and analyzed through the last 35 years and some have led to great insights about the antiviral treatments that may best help avoiding disease progression in infected individuals, others brought to light the essential role of core groups in its dissemination through a population, and yet others proposed and compared control strategies.

This special issue will be devoted equally to the three aspects of the HIV epidemic, epidemiology, immunology and control and particularly caters to innovative approaches to model combinations of those aspects, as well as those that include insightful/innovative theoretical analysis, for example of dynamical systems, partial differential equations, integral equations, optimal control, persistence, spatial distributionss, tochastic differential equations, etc.

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The deadline for manuscript submission is December 30, 2020.

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