Control and mitigation of environmental noise pollution in the perspective of sustainable cities

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Guest Editor
Prof. Antonio Gagliano
Department of Engineering Electric, Electronic and Informatics Viale Andrea Doria, 6 – 95125 Catania-Italy University of Catania

Manuscript Topics

Environmental noise pollution is considered one of the most important environmental stressors affecting public health throughout the world.
Environmental noise is an unwanted or harmful outdoor sound created by human activities, such as noise emitted by means of transport, road, rail and air traffic as well as industry operation.
Despite the huge scientific efforts attempted to control and mitigate noise, noise pollution continues to be an emerging public policy and environmental concern.
Probably, policymakers have tended to highlight other apparently more pressing other environmental issues and so environmental pollution has not been taken seriously enough.
The tricky with noise pollution though is that it is not only a complex issue but also that it is a highly persistent one. Raising consciousness is a crucial aspect of noise abatement.
This special Issue has the aim to examine environmental noise pollution and the major sources of environmental noise pollution, highlight the role of strategic noise mapping for problem assessment, propose noise mitigation approaches.
The reduction of public nuisance as well as the impact on health and wellbeing, communication and productivity requires the proposal of satisfactory acoustic design solution for improving building acoustic passive requirements, in order to guarantee the indoor comfort from noise disturbance.
Other fundamental issues for researcher and expert in this field are the study of the acoustic quality of spaces such as concert halls, recording studios, lecture theatres, classrooms, offices, where the quality of sound is essential to perform their primary function.
More generally, researches regarding principles of sound generation, propagation, and reception, properties of materials for sound absorption, reflection, and transmission, standard and codes, especially regarding noise pollution are welcomed
The topics of interest in this Special Issue on Control and mitigation of environmental noise pollution in the perspective of sustainable cities include (but are not restricted to):

• Effects of indoor and outdoor noise on resident’s annoyance
• Landscape noise reduction
• Environmental noise mapping
• Road traffic, railway, airport noise
• Measurement techniques
• Noise monitoring
• Noise barriers
• Acoustic comfort in building
• Acoustics in theatres
• Health effects of sound

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