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Section Editor
Prof. Giacomo Zaccone
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Section SASTAS, University of Messina, Viale dell’Annunziata, 98168, Messina, Italy
Email: zacconegiacomo@gmail.com

Manuscript Topics
An essential role of the brain is to maintain energy homeostasis that motivates the drive to define neural circuitry. It integrates the external and internal stimuli to enable appropriate metabolic and behavioural feedbacks. The organisms rely on a much broader diversity and distribution of neural networks to regulate the energy intake and expenditure. Energy balance is a key determinant of survival and success of an organism. Coupled with modern lifestyle, the excess of calories have led to the increase in obesity and metabolic diseases and the costs attributed to this increase are devastating. To maintain a reasonably homeostatic metabolic environment, especially at neural level, appropriate recommended caloric requirements are to be calculated. So the neural circuits controlling feeding and energy balance are greatly implicated with higher brain functions and degenerative processes.

AIMS Neuroscience is a exquisite platform to encourage researchers in this field to submit experimental an/or review papers investigating the neural control of the metabolic state to unravel the mechanisms responsible for the above critical processes.

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