LICMA ’19 Lebanese International Conference on Mathematics and Applications

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The international conference LICMA ’19 will take place at the
Lebanese University – Faculty of Sciences
from 15 to 18 April 2019
Beirut, Lebanon

Guest Editors
Prof. Ali Wehbe
Université libanaise, Beirut, Lebanon

Prof. Amine Sahili
Lebanese University, Sciences 1, Beirut Lebanon

Dr. Zaynab Salloum
Lebanese University, Sciences 1, Beirut Lebanon

Dr. Ali Fardoun
Université de Brest, Brest France

Technical help
Dr. Ali Ghorayeb
Lebanese University, Sciences 1, Beirut Lebanon

Manuscript Topics
• Differential Geometry and Riemannian
• PDE and Numerical Analysis
• Control Theory
• Discrete Mathematics and Applications
• Algebra
• Philosophy and History of Mathematics
• Financial Mathematics and Statistics

Paper submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is December 15, 2019.

Instruction for Authors
Please submit your manuscript to online submission system

Péter Battyányi, Karim Nour
AIMS Mathematics, 2020, 5(4): 3702-3713. doi: 10.3934/math.2020239
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(233 KB)
Andrea Ratto
AIMS Mathematics, 2020, 5(2): 1089-1104. doi: 10.3934/math.2020076
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(268 KB)
Mouhamad Al Sayed Ali, Miloud Sadkane
AIMS Mathematics, 2020, 5(1): 603-618. doi: 10.3934/math.2020040
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(291 KB)
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