Metal Based Materials for Planet Earth and Living Organisms

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Guest Editor
Prof. Manoj Gupta
Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS), 9 Engineering Drive 1, Singapore 117576, Singapore

Manuscript Topics
Planet earth and living organisms are looking into a catastrophic future due to the development of technologies and usage of materials that are toxic and harmful. Recent research has already indicated that microplastics have entered food chain which may have an unknown effect on our ecosystem including health of living organisms including humans. Accordingly, it is becoming important to use materials and technologies that are sustainable and with neutral or positive effects on health of organisms and planet earth. In view of these issues, present special issue is targeting on soliciting research on materials including composites that are non-toxic and can curb major pollutions related to land, air water and electromagnetic smog. The papers can be experimental or theoretical or reviews that are capable to educate the people in this important area. Key topics covered in this issue are as follows:

• Eco-materials
• Bio-Materials
• Processing: Primary and secondary
• Engineering Properties
• Modeling and simulation
• Joining
• Corrosion response and surface protection including coating technology
• Miscellaneous

Keywords: Metals, reinforcement, processing, microstructure, mechanical properties, corrosion, composites, modeling

Paper submission
 All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 30 June 2019

Instruction for Authors
Please submit your manuscript to our online submission system

Ayu Azera Izad, Rosimah Nulit, Che Azurahanim Che Abdullah, Afifah Abdul Razak, Teh Huey Fang, Mohd Hafiz Ibrahim
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