Special Issue: Computational systems for sustainable development in Computing and Engineering

Guest Editors

Dr. Joshua Thomas
UOW Malaysia, KDU Penang University College, Malaysia
Email: joshua.j.thomas@gmail.com

Prof. Ugo Fiore
Department of Management and Quantitative Studies, Parthenope University, Italy
Email: ufiore@unina.it

Prof. Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Email: gerhard-wilhelm.weber@put.poznan.pl

Dr. Pandian Vasant
Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia
Email: pvasant@gmail.com

Manuscript Topics

This special issue is focused to interconnect recent software advances in computational -based engineering methods/techniques. The fields covered the general topic of long-term innovative topics for research in Software engineering, Systems engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, and Interdisciplinary engineering with an emphasis on research and development leading to practical problem solving.

In this Special Issue, new theoretical and/or practical research results using machine learning and optimization techniques with the application of computer and engineering systems has petitioned. The preferred topics include, but are not limited to:

● Hybrid intelligent methods for health technologies.
● Methods and Applications of Artificial and Computational Intelligence.
● Discrete Graphical Models in Biomedical Image Analysis.
● Probabilistic and Statistical Methods
● Swarm intelligence in image and video processing.
● Numerical algorithms for large-scale engineering problems.
● Deep Learning algorithms
● Renewable energy systems
● Environment data analysis and modelling
● 5G networks, Signal Processing.
● Algorithms for underwater images and videos.
● Nano manufacturing, materials
● Energy data analytics and demand
● Smart grid optimization
● Mathematical modelling in chemical engineering
● Meta-heuristic engineering systems
● Intelligent Automation and Robotics
● Cyber-security encryptions

Instructions for authors
Please submit your manuscript to online submission system

Paper Submission

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication. The deadline for manuscript submission is 30 April 2022

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