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Fractional Laplacians on ellipsoids

1 Institut für Mathematik, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Robert-Mayer-Straße 10, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2 Instituto de Matemáticas, Universidad Autónoma de México, Circuito Exterior, Ciudad Universitaria, 04510 Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, México

This contribution is part of the Special Issue: Partial Differential Equations from theory to applications—Dedicated to Alberto Farina, on the occasion of his 50th birthday
Guest Editors: Serena Dipierro; Luca Lombardini
Link: www.aimspress.com/mine/article/5752/special-articles

Special Issues: Partial Differential Equations from theory to applications—Dedicated to Alberto Farina, on the occasion of his 50th birthday

We show explicit formulas for the evaluation of (possibly higher-order) fractional Laplacians (-△)s of some functions supported on ellipsoids. In particular, we derive the explicit expression of the torsion function and give examples of $s$-harmonic functions. As an application, we infer that the weak maximum principle fails in eccentric ellipsoids for $s\in(1,\sqrt{3}+3/2)$ in any dimension $n\geq 2$. We build a counterexample in terms of the torsion function times a polynomial of degree 2. Using point inversion transformations, it follows that a variety of bounded and unbounded domains do not satisfy positivity preserving properties either and we give some examples.
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Keywords positivity preserving property; torsion function; point inversion

Citation: Nicola Abatangelo, Sven Jarohs, Alberto Saldaña. Fractional Laplacians on ellipsoids. Mathematics in Engineering, 2021, 3(5): 1-34. doi: 10.3934/mine.2021038


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