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Simulation study on tractive performance of off-road tire based on discrete element method

College of Aerospace Science and Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410072, China

In order to improve the applicability and prediction accuracy of the existing simulation test methods of vehicle tractive performance on sandy soil, the off-road tire model using the discrete element method (DEM) under each operating condition is separately established in this paper. The contact parameters of DEM model are calibrated by rubber-sand friction test and soil bin test combined with corresponding simulation test. On this basis, the tire-sand simulation model is calculated under straight and inclining driving conditions, and the variation law of drawbar pull, torque, tractive efficiency and sinkage is obtained. This paper proves the feasibility of DEM simulation in studying vehicle tractive performance, and also provides a systematic parameter calibration method for improving the accuracy of DEM simulation, which is of great significance to enrich vehicle testing methods.
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