AIMS Mathematics, 2018, 3(1): 12-20. doi: 10.3934/Math.2018.1.12.

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Results on spirallike p-valent functions

Department of Mathematics, Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, Abbottabad, Pakistan

In this paper, we introduce two new subclasses of p-valent spirallike functions of order α:We prove necessary and suffcient conditions for these newly defined classes and also point out someknown consequences of our results.
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Keywords spirallike function; p-valent function; necessary and suffcient conditions

Citation: Nazar Khan, Qazi Zahoor Ahmad, Tooba Khalid, Bilal Khan. Results on spirallike p-valent functions. AIMS Mathematics, 2018, 3(1): 12-20. doi: 10.3934/Math.2018.1.12


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